Our Team: Meet Helen Feddema

Name: Helen Feddema

Position: Senior Access, Word, Outlook, and Excel Developer


Bio: Helen is a New York City native who has been dedicated to digital software for nearly as long as it’s existed. While she waited for computer technology to catch up with her coding skills, Helen passed her time as an Ivy League student. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy from Columbia and a Master of Theological Studies degree from Harvard Divinity School, all while working her share of odd office jobs. While at Harvard, she became fascinated with her first computer, a beloved Osborne.

Soon, she was a full-blown digital devotee—not just an early adopter, but an early expert. When working with spreadsheets and word processing software became too passé for her advanced interests, she learned dBASE, one of the most popular database management programs in the first wave of computing technology. After six years as a corporate dBASE developer, Helen was laid off, but she didn’t let this stop her. She began working as an independent consultant and developer with dBASE, Paradox, ObjectVision, and WordPerfect.

Helen met her computing match made in heaven when she beta tested Access 1.0. She’s been committed to making the most of Microsoft products since then—she’s been a Word wiz since version 1.1 and Outlook master since version 8.0 (one of its earliest forms). Helen’s extensive experience and capability to create innovative coding solutions continues to evolve with each new program released. Excel Consultant is proud to have Helen as one of our core team members.

Accomplishments: Microsoft, her peers, and her many satisfied clients have all recognized Helen as one of the foremost authorities in her field. On Experts-Exchange, one of the top IT support sites, she has earned over a million points for helping users with questions relating to Microsoft Access Database, granting her the title “Genius.” She’s also garnered more than 500,000 points in Access Coding/Macros, making her a “Sage” in this field.

Support query responses aren’t all Helen authors, though. She’s written dozens of books on Microsoft software. Some of her titles include:

  • Inside Microsoft Access 1.0 (coauthored)
  •  Power Forms and Power Reports for Pinnacle’s “The Pros Talk Access” series
  • Access How-Tos (coauthored)
  • The Microsoft Outlook Handbook (contributing author)
  •  MCSD: Access 95 Study Guide (coauthored)
  •  Special Editing: Using Microsoft Outlook 2000 (contributing author)
  •  Access 2002 Inside-Out, which took the number one spot in Desktop and Office Applications books at the Waterside 2004 conference (coauthored)
  •  Expert One-on-One Microsoft Access Application Development
  • Access™ 2007 VBA Bible for Data-Centric Microsoft Applications
  • Working with Word, Working with Excel, Working with Outlook (eBooks on Office Watch)
  • The Real Startup Guide to Access 2013

As if that weren’t enough, she’s also composed hundreds of articles to help people use Microsoft programs better. Helen regularly pens pieces for Access Watch as “Access Archon,” befitting her mastery of this program (“Archon” is an ancient Greek word for “ruler”). She’s also contributed to a variety of other journals and newsletters.

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Excel Consultant’s very own “Access Archon” could help your company succeed with customized Microsoft solutions and consulting. Contact us today to find out more or schedule an appointment.

Helen – USA LEAD

Helen is a New York City native who has been dedicated to digital software for nearly as long as it’s existed. While she waited for computer technology to catch up with her coding skills, Helen passed her time as an Ivy League student.

She is a Senior Access, Word, Outlook, and Excel & Developer.


Work with Helen Feddema at Excel and Access, LLC


Helen Feddema, Microsoft Access MVP


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How & Why Do Organizations Integrate Microsoft Excel with Microsoft Access


The How & The Why Businesses, Schools, Government Offices and Non-Profits Integrate & Automate Microsoft Excel with Microsoft Access, SQL Server and MS Office


How and why to integrate Microsoft Excel with Microsoft Access

♦ There are two topics in this post, 1) How to integrate Excel with Access & Office, 2) Why integrate Excel with Access & Office.

Once you know why you should integrate & automate Excel with Access you will want to know how to do so, and then you will want to make it happen.

♦ It is a Smarter Microsoft Solution, an optimal Microsoft desktop productivity solution is one that is fully integrated and automated across the Microsoft applications, a true point and click graphical user interface.


♦ Now you can either do the custom Microsoft development work yourself or you can hire an international Microsoft Certified Partner such as our company to build it for you. Pay for the programming work once, then use it countless times for no additional cost to you; you actually save money by having the work done as your staff can now do more important work than manually running your Microsoft applications. You more than get your monies worth each time you run this “Smarter Microsoft Solution“.


The top organizations work with a seasoned Microsoft Certified Partner.

We have been a Microsoft Certified Partner for 25 years


♦ If you want to hire someone in the New York area that can assist you with this, you can hire Helen Feddema, Helen is one of the top international Microsoft solution providers, she is also our Senior developer and trainer in the primary Microsoft applications, Excel, Access, SQL Server, Word, and Outlook. Helen is a local Microsoft solution provider in New York, our New York office is in Manhattan.


Office 2019 integration


♦ Helen needs to know all of those Microsoft desktop productivity applications inside out as she writes books on how to use them, and for for 40 years she has been professionally programming them.

♦ Helen knows how these individual applications best work together as one seamless solution because Helen often works on a project that has two or more Microsoft applications as part of the single solution, like Excel with Access and Outlook. Helen can assist you with what is discussed in this post. You can hire Helen today.

♦ If you want to read a book on integrating Microsoft Excel with Access, you can read the one Helen wrote. It is a very good resource. And then if you get stuck you can hire Helen to assist you.


Helen Feddema works in the majority of the Microsoft applications at the expert level, and integrating & automating Microsoft Excel with Microsoft Access or SQL Server is one of her most common programming requests. You can read Helen’s book and do it yourself, or you can hire Helen to do it for you. She is based out of New York. She works with our international clients on a remote basis. She is a true master. An experts-exchange.com master.


If your business, government office, educational institution or non-profit needs assistance with the integration and automation of your Microsoft Excel, Access, or Office applications we are here to help you. Just pick up the phone, give us a call or send us an email, and we can discuss your needs live.



Call us now and get started today 877-392-3539


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Why Manhattan Businesses Should Work with our Staff of Local expert Microsoft Excel Consultants

Why Manhattan Businesses Should Work with our Staff of Local expert Microsoft Excel Consultants


Partnering with a Microsoft Certified Partner in close proximity to your NYC-based organization offers numerous advantages. Find out how our Microsoft Excel Consulting Experts can help you to run your business the way that you want to.


* As seen on the Microsoft.Com website, and as seen embedded in Microsoft Excel (Excel Templates).


We have been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1994


With the advent of the Internet, it’s easier than ever to connect with anyone, including and even those thousands of miles away. This capability has dramatically changed the way people work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “the share of workers doing some or all of their work at home grew from 19 percent in 2003 to 24 percent in 2015,” and these numbers will undoubtedly continue to rise. Working from afar is even more popular in highly technical fields. In a world transformed by telecommuting, when you need a sophisticated software solution, it may seem like a remote Microsoft Certified Excel and Access consultant is your most optimal solution. Call us today for a free consultation and to find out how we can assist you with all of your Microsoft Solution needs, 877-392-3539.


However, despite the seeming convenience of this choice, there are times where your unique situation means you would be better served by a local programming professional, particularly in a bustling city like the Big Apple. The Excel Consultant team of Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI experts works with a wide variety of clients in this metropolis, from major retailers like Ralph Lauren to neighborhood institutions like the New York Police Department. To even better serve enterprises in the Empire City, we recently expanded our Manhattan New York office, allowing us to assist companies, colleges, government agencies and non-profits in person. In the following blog, we explain why Manhattan businesses should work with our team of local Microsoft Excel and Access experts, consultants, programmers and trainers.


The Nuances of New York City

Millions of people live in Manhattan and hundreds of thousands of businesses call this city their home. Real estate alone on the island is worth over a trillion dollars, according to a recent report from CNBC. Crowded cafes, the buzz of Wall Street, high-end fashion boutiques, and myriad universities are just a few of the diverse industries booming here. In this fast-paced, competitive environment, every enterprise needs all the computerized help it can get.


Of course, the Microsoft desktop productivity applications are the mainstay of modern businesses. Microsoft Excel worksheets, Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft Power BI Dashboards, Word, Powerpoint, and the rest of the Office Suites (Windows and Mac) are indispensable for running a company in the twenty-first century. The vast majority of companies, colleges, government entities and non-profits use these on a daily basis. The Excel Consultant team of Excel and Access experts can help you make the most of them with advanced advice, innovative instruction, and state-of-the-art Microsoft Solution development so that your Manhattan venture can prosper.


Our expert Microsoft Excel and Access consultants have worked in Manhattan since 1994.


The Advantages of a Local Consultant

Although working with a remote Excel or Access expert clearly seems to offer a good number of benefits, teaming up with a local Manhattan consultant is simply another choice. Working with a team of consulting, programming and training professionals in close proximity to your business organization provides a multitude of advantages. These include:

  • More in-depth onsite consultations. Ultimately, phone calls, emails, and video-conferencing tools are not as effective as a face-to-face meeting. Our local Manhattan expert programmers can sit down with you and your team to get to know your company, government office, colleges and non-profit to find out exactly what you need, provide detailed demonstrations, and offer our exhaustive advice. Amidst hundreds of generic video call presentations, droning phone calls, and repetitive emails, our personalized, in-person advice stands out.

  • Superior, in-person training. One of the main services our team of Excel Consultants offers is Onsite Microsoft Excel, Access, Office training. We offer micro-group workshops, classes, one-on-one instruction, seminars, an our Microsoft Excel Academy, and more. While we can certainly educate you on Excel, Access and Office remotely with our webinars and training videos, we’ve found that most clients learn best from close, personal tutelage. Working directly with you allows us to more immediately answer your questions and show you the details of your Microsoft Office software. With our local consultancy at your disposal, you can come to our beautiful office to learn, or, as most clients prefer, we can come to you. Training you in the comfort of your workplace means we less travel for your team.

  • A better understanding of the local market. How could one of our UK programmers, let’s take Ian for example, consultants and trainers in London possibly appreciate the more particular aspects of your Upper East Side clientele? Top local consultants like ours consistently work with hundreds of Manhattan businesses, government offices, colleges or non-profits. We comprehend the unique dynamics and demographics that drive this market. When you work with us, you’ll have to spend less time explaining your business model, giving you more time to enhance it with Microsoft’s desktop productivity and database software.

  • Simpler tech support. You’ve probably experienced the extreme exasperation of attempting to get help with your computer remotely. “Have you tried turning it on and off again?” “Click the red ‘X’ on your right…no, above the taskbar…yes, to the right.” “Yes, clicking that key should allow you to open a new spreadsheet…” You can solve your computerized conundrums a lot faster by employing a local consultant who can physically come by your office. Being able to see and interact with you and your software in person makes tech support exponentially easier for all involved.

  • More advanced, comprehensive software development. The Excel Consultant team specializes in providing truly affordable, customized, cutting-edge Microsoft solutions, let’s call them Smarter Microsoft Solutions, for your business. We often work closely alongside you to streamline your workflows. Understanding the way your business operates in person helps us optimize it. Furthermore, programming on your premises allows us to instantly catch any glitches and make adjustments to enhance your system. For these reasons, Excel Consultant regularly sends at least two and up to five professionals onsite during development.


For these reasons and many more, Excel Consultant encourages all New York City clients to work with a local consultancy like ours.


Our Manhattan New York Office for onsite local work


Our Masterful Manhattan Team

When selecting a team of local software specialists to help you maximize your Microsoft capabilities, we strongly suggest considering ours. The expanded Excel Consultant Manhattan office is centrally located in the financial district at 42 Broadway, New York, NY, 10004.


Our highly advanced team is composed of numerous Microsoft MVPs and partnered with a Microsoft Certified Partner. This means our experts have earned some of the highest accolades possible in the Microsoft world. In addition, some of our longest tenured, most skilled consultants work out of our beautiful Empire City location. For example, Senior Access Developer, Helen Feddema, frequents this office. Throughout her prestigious, decades-long career, Helen has earned dozens of awards and even authored a multitude of books on Microsoft software. The rest of our New York City-based team is commensurately credentialed.


Does Your Big Apple Business Need an Excel Consultant?

Our new and improved Manhattan office can help! Contact Excel Consultant today to learn more and schedule an appointment.


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Should You Hire A Local or Remote Microsoft Consultant?

Should You Hire A Local or Remote Microsoft Excel, Access & Power BI Consultant?


Excel Consultant describes the differences between local and remote Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consulting, highlighting the many benefits our team of specialists offers.


Remote, or local: that is the question. It may not be the original Shakespearean query, but this is the common conundrum companies face when they decide to bring on a software Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consultant. Hiring a tech expert can work wonders for your company, helping you maximize your efficiency by enhancing the programs you already work with every day.


In this modern age of business, understanding how to leverage the digital tools at your disposal could make or break your company’s success. For many clients, choosing to collaborate with a Microsoft master is the easy part—figuring out just who to work with proves more difficult.


Should You Hire A Local or Remote Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consultant?


You need a Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consultant you can trust with a comprehensive knowledge of the applications you use: a veritable Microsoft master. One of the most significant selections you must make in this process is whether to use a local, in-house consultant, or work with a remote specialist. At Excel and Access Consultants, we’re committed to helping our clients through every phase of programming assistance. In the following blog, we provide all the data you need to determine whether or not you should hire a local or remote Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consultant.


Local Versus Remote Basics

First, it’s important to understand the essential differences between the two types of Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consultants. A local expert comes in person to your office to meet with you, work on your company’s computers, code programs, and train your team. A remote Microsoft specialist performs all of the same functions, but from afar. Fortunately, especially in our current “Cloud” era, it’s simple to go over your options, create a consulting plan, program your computers, design customized codes, and even instruct you on how to use your newly improved software online and via phone.


Smarter Microsoft Solutions


Remote Work By the Numbers

We understand that working with a consultant who is physically outside of your office can feel unfamiliar to some clients. However, this is absolutely the future of this industry. Telecommuting is undeniably on the rise, given the many benefits it provides. The latest statistics say it all:


“Telecommuting has risen 79 percent between 2005 and 2012, and now makes up 2.6 percent of the American work force, or 3.2 million workers, according to statistics from the American Community Survey,” as reported by the New York Times. Remote work is booming because it allows employees to be more productive, companies to save overhead costs, and clients to enhance their operations more economically and efficiently.


  • According to Gallup Polling, “thirty-seven percent of U.S. workers say they have telecommuted, up slightly from 30 percent the last decade by four times greater than the 9 percent found in 1995.” These numbers continue to climb, especially in tech-related fields
  • Forbes notes: “thirty million Americans now work from home at least one day a week, with that number forecast to increase sharply in the coming years…by 2020, 1 in 3 people will be hired to work online.” Remote work is expected to expand even more exponentially in future years. You can leverage this to your advantage by becoming an early adopter
  • “Regular work-at-home…has grown by 115 percent since 2005, nearly 10 times faster than the rest of the workforce,” according to Global Workplace Analytics. These numbers suggest that remote work is the future of not just technology or consulting, but all types of business operations.
  • In a recent survey reported on by Forbes, “91 percent of remote workers believe they ‘get more work done when working remotely.’” This means that when you hire a remote Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consultant, you’ll pay less for more productivity.


These are just a few of the notable numbers that help explain why Excel Consultant offers remote services.
Worldwide and World-Class: Excel Consultant’s Remote Team


Excel Consultant’s Remote Team


By employing remote experts, Excel Consultant can bring you the best possible talent for your technological needs. Our Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consultants come from all over the world and have outstanding qualifications. For example, a few of our team members include:


  • Jacob, a four-time Microsoft MVP and our USA Lead from California. Jacob has served as the lead developer on many of our most impressive projects, such as those for LinkedIn, Red Bull, and even Microsoft itself.
  • Stan B, another USA Lead based in Los Angeles. He is an Access specialist who has previously lent his skills to major clients such as DIRECTV and the University of Southern California.
  • Paul Delke, Senior Project Manager and Programmer in our Irvine Office (and, given the marvels of modern remote technology, around the globe). Paul is also a part of Talon Computer Associates, one of our frequent collaborating consultancies, which has earned the esteemed title of Microsoft Certified Partner. This means that Talon (with Paul as one of its most important team members) has met Microsoft’s exceedingly high standards for service, skill, and success in its software.
  • Dennis Taylor, one of our Senior Excel Trainers. He calls Denver home but has traveled extensively throughout the United States in Canada providing high-quality, innovative Microsoft instruction.
  • Helen Feddema, a New York City native, prolific author of Microsoft books, and “Sage” level Access coder.


This is just a sampling of our sophisticated team of remote specialists. Fortunately, in this digital age, you don’t have to live in Los Angeles, Irvine, Denver, or New York City to work with any of our Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consultants! Instead, you can partner with the programmers, trainers, and advisers that exactly meet your needs. Furthermore, remote options allow these Microsoft maestros to collaborate on your code across state and even national lines, allowing you to enjoy the highest quality service. We serve clients in various locations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.


Are You Ready to Go Remote Or Bring Us Onsite?


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White Paper: Microsoft Office VBA References in Microsoft Access 2016

White Paper: Microsoft Office VBA References in Microsoft Microsoft Access 2016


Below is a document Helen Feddema wrote about 12 years ago. She says that the process is the same for 2010/2016 as for 2000/2002 – uncheck the references marked MISSING and reselect the Excel, Outlook and Word references for the version of Office you are using. The problem will recur any time the database is opened in 2016 and then later in 2010.


Meet Helen Feddema


White Paper: Office References in Access 2002 – By Helen Feddema



Access 2002 lets you work with Access 2000 databases without converting them – not just read-only (as with Access 97 databases), but with full read-write capabilities. This is a very useful feature, and I often work with Access 2000 databases in Access 2002. However, I have discovered that there is a problem with references to certain Office components when an Access 2000 database is used alternately in Access 2000 and Access 2002 – basically, Outlook and Word references upgrade when moving from Access 2000 to Access 2002, but don’t downgrade when moving from Access 2002 to Access 2000, leading to a reference error when the database is next opened in Access 2000.



If you work with other Office programs (such as Word, Outlook or Excel), you need to set a reference to the appropriate object library in the References dialog, which is opened from the Tools menu in the VBE window. If you have Office XP and Office 2000 installed in separate partitions (or on different computers), you can test this problem by following the steps below:


1. Open (or create) an Access 2000 database in Access 2000.
2. Press Alt-F11 to open the VBE window, drop down the Tools menu and select References to open the References dialog.
3. Check the Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word 9.0 object library references, as shown in Figure A.


Figure A.  References to Office 2000 object libraries in Office 2000 database


Figure A. References to Office 2000 object libraries in Office 2000 database


4. Close the database, then go to your Office XP partition (or computer), and open the same database in Access 2002.
5. Press Alt-F11 to open the VBE window and open the References dialog as described above.
6. Note that the references to the four Office programs have all been upgraded to 10.0, as shown in Figure B.


Figure B.  Upgraded references in an Access 2000 database opened in Access 2002


Figure B. Upgraded references in an Access 2000 database opened in Access 2002
7. Close the database, go back to the Office 2000 partition (or computer), and reopen the database in Access 2000.
8. Check the references again; note that the four references to other Office programs are all listed as MISSING; they have not been downgraded to the 9.0 versions.


Figure C. Missing references back in Access 2000

Figure C.  Missing references back in Access 2000


I have occasionally seen an Excel reference downgraded to 9.0 after an Access 2000 database is opened in Access 2002 and then reopened in Access 2000; however, Outlook and Word references (in my experience) are never downgraded. This means that if you open an Access 2000 database with a reference to Outlook or Word (or most likely, any other Office program) in Access 2002, and later you (or someone else) opens the database in Access 2000, there will be a reference error, and the references will have to be reset to the v. 9.0 object library.


Curiously, the Office object library is always downgraded (as you can see in the figures); too bad this doesn’t happen with all the Office program references as well.



In response to my Office References in Access 2000 article in WAW 3.17, Paul Mitchell wrote that he has experienced a similar problem with Excel 5 and Excel 97. I have myself experienced a similar problem with Outlook references in Word 97 and Word 2000 VBA code. However, the element of working (with full read-write access) on an earlier version’s databases is new to Access 2002, so this is the first time we have had a chance to experience this bug with Access databases alternately opened in two Access versions.

Additionally, the problem appears to be much more severe with Access 2000 databases alternately opened in Access 2000 and 2002, and it affects references to all other Office programs, not just Outlook (Outlook references have had a problem with not downgrading from VBA code in other Office programs for several versions now.) Too bad Microsoft didn’t take the opportunity to fix this problem for Office XP, rather than letting it expand and become even more troublesome in this otherwise very useful new Access feature.


What is needed here is that Access (and other Office programs) should detect the currently running version of Office, and reset all references to Office programs to the current version. This does happen for the Office object library reference itself, so it should be possible to fix references to the various Office programs similarly – just making them match the Office object library version would do the trick (except for Outlook, which would need some special handling because of its non-standard numbering).


Mr. Mitchell suggests recreating the references programmatically, putting code used to recreate references in a separate module so it can run even if full Compile and Save fails because of broken references.


Alan Taylor has a clever solution to this problem: Remove the reference to the Office 10 object library, and replace it with a reference to the Office 9 object library while the Access 2000 database is open in Access 2002. Once you have set a reference to Word 9.0, Outlook 9.0, or whatever other Office component you need in Access 2002, you can alternately open the database in Access 2000 and Access 2002, without reference errors.


Of course, this means that you can’t use any new components in the Office 10 object libraries, but you shouldn’t be doing that anyway, in an Access 2000 database, because they will cause errors when the database is opened in Access 2000.


The Office 9 object libraries are located in the \Microsoft Office\Office folder; if you have access to this folder when you are working in Office XP, just set references to them using the Browse button in the References dialog; otherwise (for example, if you have the two Office versions in different partitions, and you can’t see the Office 2000 Office folder when you are in the Office XP partition), copy the references to a folder accessible in Office XP, and browse for them in that folder.


The names of the Office 9 object libraries are listed below:

  • Excel – Excel9.olb
  • Outlook – msoutl9.olb
  • PowerPoint – msppt9.olb
  • Word – msword9.olb


You don’t need to set references to Access 9.0 or Office 9.0 in Access 2002, because these references do downgrade automatically when the database is opened in Access 2000.



Do you want to know more about Helen Feddema? Here are a few links to take a look at.

  • Our Team: Meet Helen Feddema – One of the most experienced experts in Microsoft Excel and Access, as well as Word and Outlook. Helen is one of the original Access experts on the Excel and Access, LLC staff (Helen Feddema – Manhattan New York Lead Programmer and Trainer).


  • Visit Helen Feddema’s Website for help in Excel, Access, Outlook and Word. She has a great site, she writes great books, Helen really knows her stuff. Helen is one of the original experts in the Microsoft Office applications, being an expert from the very first versions. Other members of our staff have written books on the Microsoft desktop productivity applications, Helen has over the decades written so many, check her out.


    Helen Feddema's Website


  • Helen Feddema of Access Watch fame has released a new …… (Check out Helen Feddema on Microsoft Office, Word, Access, Excel Watch)

  • Helen Feddema is one of our Senior Access, Word, Outlook, and Excel & Developer, working out of the Manhattan New York office.



So many of our clients have had problems with Office 2016 that we have written numerous blog posts on it. A few of them are listed below.


If you need help with any of the Microsoft applications, and if you would like to work one-on-one with Helen, either in terms of Excel, Access, Word or Outlook consulting or training, contact us today and we will provide service that exceeds your expectations.

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Should You Integrate Microsoft Excel and Access

Should You Integrate Microsoft Excel and Access


From Small Data To BIG Data – This Is Your Beginner Solution


So here is the scenario: Your medium sized business has been using Microsoft Excel to manage your firm’s finances via a series of linked Excel workbooks for years. The problem is this, over the years the amount of data stored in these workbooks has increased substantially, and now the workbooks are too bloated with historical data that may or may not be needed, you really are not sure. Just opening the files takes over 30-minutes. When you update the workbooks with new data, changes to formulas, etc., the process has become far too slow as the workbook takes forever to calculate and the current system of workbooks no longer meets your needs.


Excel and Access, LLC - Integration and Automation


A little background: Your business hired an independent Excel developer over a decade ago to build the system of financial workbooks in Excel 2007. Shortly after the workbooks were built the Excel programmer retired and all changes to the workbooks were done internally by a handful of Excel users, none of which are Excel experts. Each did the best that they could, but when changes were made in recent years, errors started to appear. Making matters worse, over the years the amount of data in the workbook has increased substantially as your business has grown, and now the workbooks are too bloated with historical data that may or may not be needed, and the files have become far too slow and problematic. Your companies recent upgrade from Microsoft Excel 2007 to 2016 has resulted in numerous errors, in addition to the slow processing time, and you have no choice but to hire an outside firm to provide an immediate solution.


Your options: You have several feasible options, from an immediate short-term fix to sizeable long-term solutions. The discussion below covers several of those options, their pros and cons are included.


Here is a list of your best options, though not all inconclusive.

  1. Revise your current set of Excel workbooks just enough to get by, your low cost option, short-term solution
  2. Revise your current set of Excel workbooks both in workbook design, and add automation via VBA, Intermediate Excel solution
  3. Build a completely new system in Microsoft Excel, with VBA, Long-term solution, average cost
  4. Build an integrated and automated solution incorporating a Microsoft Excel front-end, with a Microsoft Access back-end, optimal solution, revising current set of Excel workbooks, VBA leveraged
  5. Build an integrated and automated solution incorporating a Microsoft Excel front-end, with a Microsoft SQL Server back-end
  6. Build an advanced system using Microsoft Power BI, high-end system, high cost
  7. Build a system 100% within Microsoft Access, high cost
  8. Build a high-end system in SQL Server
  9. Build a cloud based system with Microsoft Azure



Solution – Integrate and Automate Microsoft Excel and Access


Access and Excel integration and automation solution


This post will cover a solution where we build an integrated and automated application incorporating a Microsoft Excel front-end, with a Microsoft Access back-end, using much of the existing Excel based system, to minimize costs while optimizing the performance of the application.


So this solution takes the existing set of Excel workbooks:

  1. Revise current set of Microsoft Excel workbooks as needed
  2. Possibly create one or more new workbooks
  3. Add Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications as needed to automate and to integrate workbooks &/or Access
  4. Create Access back-end application
  5. Use Access to house historical data
  6. Use Access to perform calculations
  7. Set Excel VBA to retrieve needed Access data
  8. Use Excel based VBA to create and to distribute revised workbooks


The image below shows you what a Microsoft Access query in design mode looks like. With this solution the user will never need to open the Access database nor will they need to make changes to it.

Microsoft Access


Solution – This Excel and Access solution is one of the more optimal ones. I say one of and not the most optimal solution as this project uses the existing Excel workbooks and much as possible, making revisions as needed, adding VBA code here and there, in order to keep costs down. Building a new, integrated and automated solution would be the optimal use of the Microsoft Excel and Access applications, but that could easily cost 75% more than this solution, based on the number of Excel workbooks, the number of worksheets in each workbook, and the number of cells with formulas.


Excel and Access, LLC Micro BulletHow this solution works is very simple to understand. Basically you have moved much of the historical data out of one or more of your Excel workbooks, and you have now housed it in a newly created Microsoft Access database. There are several Access tables holding the data, and there are a good number of Access queries that contain many of the formulas that were originally in the numerous Excel workbooks. You are now having Access do the intensive data processing, using its calculation engine which is much stronger than the one in Excel.


Excel and Access, LLC Micro BulletThe Excel workbooks will now have much less historical data in them as those data ranges now populate the Access tables. As such the Excel files are smaller in size, now less than 10mb each, versus the 75 to 100+ MB before. The files open in seconds now versus up to 30-minutes before. When the files run the calculations now complete in less than a minute versus 30- minutes or more in the old system. So in this system Excel is more of a reporting and analysis tool and less of a big data calculation engine.


Excel and Access, LLC Micro BulletTo start the process you update a few of the input fields on the primary input sheet, and then you click the run button. Clicking that button will activate the VBA that sends Excel data to Access, that then runs the series of Access queries, and the macro will pull the required data back into Excel data tables (on hidden worksheets). Simple formulas such as VLookups and SumIfs will populate the cells in the worksheets. In the old system these same cells had very complex formulas which were a large drag on system resources. Once the Excel macro completes the data extraction, the code that distributes the files will run. Once this has completed the file will save and close. So the process that used to take you several days to run manually now runs in minutes with very little human intervention required.


Excel and Access, LLC Micro Bullet

Cons of solution – The cons are few, they are mostly centered around taking the set of Excel workbooks already in use, and revising them. Had you created the application from scratch, you could have a better design and layout of the workbooks, their worksheets, the number of cells with complex formulas, and perhaps even fewer workbooks in the solution. Others may see the complexity of integrating and automating the two applications as a con, but it is the complexity that creates the ease of use. Sure, there is more VBA code in this solution than in the one it replaces, and your internal staff may or may not know how to write or edit vba code, but that is why you hire an expert Excel consultant.


Excel and Access, LLC Micro Bullet

Pros of solution – The cost of the work is actually a very good value with a high ROI. Yes, doing less work would cost less money, but this new system will free-up your staff to do more meaningful work. So instead of spending several days each week manipulating data and workbooks, your staff can do thoughtful analysis that will lead to improved operations.

Excel and Access, LLC Micro Bullet

Summary – Should You Integrate Microsoft Excel and Access? Yes, under this scenario, integrating and automating Microsoft Excel as a front-end to a Microsoft Access back-end is a solid solution with a strong ROI.


If you want to checkout a detailed source on this subject, click here to visit how to “Send Excel Data to Access” on Debra’s Contextures.com website out of Canada. It is our favorite source on the web.


Send Excel Data to Access


We understand that this is a complex solution for those that are not themselves Microsoft Excel consultants or programmers. But no worry, our international team of Microsoft Excel, Access, Office, SQL Server, and Power BI developers can explain the details as well as the pros and cons of this solution for you. And if so desired, we can build a custom solution like this for you in a few weeks.


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Our Senior Microsoft Access, Word, Outlook, Excel Developer Helen Feddema wrote a really good book on this subject, Integrating Excel with Access.

Buy Helen’s Access Archon Working With Excel

Helen Feddema's Book on Integrating Excel and Access


Why Our Two Decades Of Microsoft Certification Matter

Why Having Over Two Decades Of Microsoft Certification Matter So Much In This Industry


In an industry where we making our living assisting clients with their Microsoft applications, such as Excel, Access, Office, SQL Server and Power BI, having that Microsoft Certification for an amazing 23 consecutive years is that much more meaningful than any other form of certification, such as the Better Business Bureau. Having Microsoft’s Application Developer Certification is Golden. And only a handful of firms in our industry have it more than twenty years, twenty plus years and thousands of happy clients served, that is what matters.


WARNING: Make sure that the firms you are speaking to are truly a Microsoft Certified Partner. To do so just ask for the link to the Microsoft website where their Microsoft Certification is posted. See our Microsoft Certification Page on the Microsoft website.

As Amazing as it is, as of 2017 we have 23 of these on our wall in our Irvine California office.We our a Microsoft Certified Partner


Is Your Newly Hired Microsoft Excel Consultant Really A Qualified Microsoft Excel Expert – Are You Sure?

Here is a point that would make a person searching for a good Excel consultant nervous, in an industry where anyone, and literally anyone, skilled or not can call themselves an expert Excel consultant, things can go terribly wrong, (100% of payments lost on a useless application, valuable time lost waiting for it to be developed), so two or more decades of Microsoft certification matters very much as it means you are hiring a reputable firm. One that passes the certification of Microsoft.


Think about it this way, say you for instance are an electrical engineer, and you want to get work as an independent Microsoft Excel consultant. It is not hard to do, even if you have never even opened Microsoft Excel. How can I say that, easy. Here is how you get there. 1) Buy a website URL on GoDaddy, say for example, freds-excel-consultancy.com. 2) Open a website hosting package on GoDaddy. 3) Place a WordPress website template on your site. Place a bunch of false claims, by copying what your competitors place on their websites. 4) Create a few Goggle AdWords ads. 5) When a lead calls or emails you, say that you have 25 years experience developing custom Microsoft Excel workbooks for S&P 100 companies. True, it is a complete lie, but they won’t know that, so take their money, don’t do the work, and then never respond to their calls or emails again. Done.


So in the story above, you just did what many of the newer people in this field do, they make claims that are often 100% false. Why not, who will know, they copy what the leading firms in the industry post on their site, and they put it on their site. It happens all the time. (That is one reason you want to read at least 30 Excel client testimonials. What does the client say, not what the so called Excel consultant says). How much do they lie, well, for example I chatted with a new firm on the internet that started their business the prior year. In the online chat they said they had thousands of clients. When I asked how that was possible when the firm was opened in the prior year, this person became enraged. He was upset that I researched his new company, and that he was caught in a blatant lie. It literally happens all the time. So yes, that puts you at a huge risk. Hence the value of a firm that has ongoing Microsoft certification, look for at least one or two decades, the longer the better.


We Have Dozens Of Client Testimonials Where They State They Hired A Non-Excel Expert , Like Below:


Excel and Access testimonial


If you want to hire a qualified Microsoft Excel consultant the first time, be it us or one of our favorite competitors, such as Debra of Contextures or for a Microsoft Access consultant, Armen of J Street Tech, follow The Definitive Guide To Hiring A Microsoft Excel Consultant.

How to hire a Microsoft Excel Consultant - The Definitive Guide


So What Is Certification?


Certification according to Wikipedia:

Certification refers to the confirmation of certain characteristics of an object, person, or organization. This confirmation is often, but not always, provided by some form of external review, education, assessment, or audit. Accreditation is a specific organization’s process of certification. According to the National Council on Measurement in Education, a certification test is a credentialing test used to determine whether individuals are knowledgeable enough in a given occupational area to be labeled “competent to practice” in that area.


Professional Certification Is What This Post Is About – Priceless Microsoft Certifications


According to Wikipedia: One of the most common types of certification in modern society is professional certification, where a person is certified as being able to competently complete a job or task, usually by the passing of an examination and/or the completion of a program of study. Some professional certifications also require that one obtain work experience in a related field before the certification can be awarded. Some professional certifications are valid for a lifetime upon completing all certification requirements. Others expire after a certain period of time and have to be maintained with further education and/or testing. (Both the Microsoft Certified Partner, Application Developer and the Microsoft Most Valued Professional, MVP are up for renewal on an annual basis. Having it last year does not guarantee you will be awarded it this year)


Microsoft Certified Partner – Silver/Gold Application Developer.


According to Wikipedia: a Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) is a firm that provides Microsoft-related products or services, or support for such. … They are confirmed by Microsoft to be official, and that they work effectively, and help customers with a range of information technology (IT) projects and specific products and services.

MCPs provide Microsoft services on behalf of Microsoft worldwide, spanning many fields including original equipment manufacturer (OEM), education, software providers, and technical support. They have 24-hour access to Microsoft Support, which enables them to provide reliable customer support. Every MCP has been in business for at least 5 years, has passed several tests, and has proven skills in their particular field

Thousands of our clients have worked with our staff of Microsoft Excel, Access, Office, SQL Server, and Power BI experts over the past 23 years of operation (Note, not 23 years of experience, but rather over four decades of experience, 23 years as a corporation based out of our corporate office in Irvine California).


We have been Microsoft Certified for over two decades


Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

According to Wikipedia: According to Microsoft, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award is given to “exceptional, independent community leaders who share their passion, technical expertise, and real-world knowledge of Microsoft products with others.

Thousands of our clients have worked with our staff of Microsoft Excel, Access, and Office MVP’s over the years. Here is a link to Jacob’s Microsoft Excel MVP Certification page on the Microsoft website. Jacob is one of the Microsoft Excel MVP’s that have helped thousands of our clients with their Microsoft Excel consulting needs over the years, as well as programming in the rest of the Microsoft applications (Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Office, Power BI, Mac and VB.Net), all at the expert level.


Microsoft Hires Us For Our Excel Consulting Services:

Having the Microsoft Corporation hire you for your Excel consulting services repeatedly is another form of certification. So while not a formal form of Microsoft certification as the others discussed in this post, it is an informal form of certification. It certifies that your Microsoft Excel consulting services are good enough to be used by the mother ship, Microsoft, and good enough to be part of the Microsoft Excel application on your computer, the person reading this post (You).


As discussed above, Microsoft hired us to build many of the Microsoft Excel 2013 templates that are part of the Microsoft Excel application you are using (2013, 2016), they are also available for download on the Microsoft website.


Microsoft also hired us a few times to do Microsoft Power BI programming work that would be used internally at Microsoft, to run their operations. All of our work for Microsoft was done by our Microsoft Excel MVP’s, as many of the Microsoft Excel MVPs are seen as the elite. So as you can see, that is a huge testament to the value of our Microsoft Excel programming skills. That is just one of the many things that set us apart from the other firms in this space, Microsoft hires us when they need Excel programming help.


Red Bull had to hire two Excel consulting companies to get the work they needed done right – We succeeded, the other firm did not:

Red Bull is the best known client where we were hired to replace the work done by one of the firms with less skills and experience. The work that they did was so bad that Red Bull had to reach out to us to have us do the work the way it should have been done the first time. And Red Bull did not receive a refund from the other Excel help company out of New York. So you see this happens to big companies just as often as it happens to smaller companies. (See our Red Bull testimonial below).


Red Bull North America – Christopher and his team performed superb work while supporting our business planning process. He and his team helped create a fully integrated planning tool and subsequent Rollups which has helped us manage our business effectively. I would highly recommend his company for any work needed in Excel or Access: Quick, accurate, and reliable. I want to first say that Jacob has done a stellar job with the business planning tools so far. He’s been very quick and produced well, I will recommend him and your firm to anyone looking for excel/access help. Top Qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity Ryan Conway -·National On Premise Manager at Red Bull


Other Valuable Certifications – Experts-Exchange Certified Microsoft Application Experts

According To Wikipedia: Experts-Exchange.com (EE) is a website for people in information technology (IT) related jobs to ask each other for tech help, receive instant help via the application experts, such as our Senior Access, Word and Outlook consultant, Helen Feddema, answering technical questions via the forums.


Helen Feddema's Experts-Exchange.Com Certifications


Helen's Experts-Exchange.Com Bio



If you would like to have the comfort that comes with hiring a corporation that has been a Microsoft Certified Partner for the past 23 consecutive years, one where the Microsoft Excel consultant you work with is a Microsoft Excel MVP, one that does Excel consulting work for Microsoft, please reach out to us so that we may discuss your Microsoft Excel, Access, Office, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI consulting needs with you. Or if you like, stop by our Irvine California office for a cup of coffee to go along with our conversation.

The call is free, the consultation is free, the estimate is free, and the only risk you have is in not calling us first.


Contact Our Team of Microsoft Excel Consultants Today


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Microsoft Office CRMs

Solutions: Custom Microsoft Office Based CRMs


According to Microsoft: CRM solutions streamline processes and increase profitability in your sales, marketing, and service divisions.





According to the Microsoft Website,
What does a CRM solution do? CRM solutions streamline processes and increase profitability in your sales, marketing, and service divisions. A strong CRM solution is a multifaceted platform where everything crucial to developing, improving, and retaining your customer relationships is stored. Without the support of an integrated CRM solution, you may miss growth opportunities and lose revenue because you’re not maximizing your business relationships.


Your customers are the bedrock of your business. Your venture’s success is in large part determined by your ability to reach, interface with, promote to, satisfy, and expand your client base. Given that we live in a digital age, one of the best ways to do so is with software. At Excel Consultant, we’ve assembled a team of Microsoft authorities to help individuals and businesses leverage these popular programs to their advantage. One of the ways we do so is by designing Customer Relationship Management systems, or CRMs. These sophisticated multi-functional applications can help you streamline your marketing, promotion, sales, and customer support, as well as helping you find new business opportunities and communicate better with partner businesses. Read on to learn more about CRMs and how we can help you devise the right one for your needs.


When we build a custom Microsoft based CRM we use Microsoft VBA to make it fully dynamic. Constructing custom CRMs with Microsoft VBA allows you to fully automate and integrate your CRM so that it does exactly what you need. Much better than a bloated off the shelf and expensive CRM that does not do everything you would like.


We build custom CRM's using the Microsoft Aapplications


What Does a CRM Do?


While there are a vast range of CRM capabilities based on each individual company’s company’s niche and needs, this software generally:

  • Houses current and prospective customer information so you can easily reach clients.
  • Maps out the internal network of contacts and relationships between your employees and clients to help you determine how best to reach prospects.
  • Helps you interpret key demographic and other types of data about your customers so you can refine your targeting strategy and create even better promotional campaigns.
  • Provides for the sales functions of your business, making it simple for customers to find and purchase your products.
  • Provides a platform with which you can address customer support issues, questions, and complaints in an efficient and effective manner (and using stored information about said customers to better serve them).
  • Collates data to automatically point out potentially lucrative business opportunities, partnerships, or clients you might not have thought of.
  • Creates interfaces, communication channels, and other systems to help you stay in touch with your vendors, colleagues, and business partners, particularly as this pertains to delivering your product or service to customers.
  • Integrates with other business management, communication, and tracking software to further enhance its purposes. Many modern CRMs also pull vital information from social media to help you get to know and categorize your customers better.


“Off the Shelf” Versus Custom CRMs


Many businesses simply purchase their CRM software at the electronics store without a second thought, but this may not be ideal. Every business is unique, especially when it comes to their client base and customer relationships, so using a cookie cutter application designed for general use could be frustrating and ultimately less than functional.


Chances are, a store bought CRM won’t have certain features your company and customers need. To add insult to injury, pre-designed systems often do more than your company will ever need. You could end up using only about 15 percent of the actual software while you pay for advanced attributes you’ll never use and struggle to make the system work for you. For example, if you needed a vehicle to travel and seat four people, neither a bus nor a motorcycle would do. You could hypothetically use a motorcycle to transport four or a prefabricated CRM to run your business, but both endeavors would take much more work than necessary, providing a non-optimal solution.


In contrast, custom CRMs are coded around your preferences and designed to suit your exact needs. These personalized programs tend to be more expensive, but they can save you time, hassle, and even money in the long term by allowing your company to expand faster and keeping you employees from running into repetitive software issues.


CRM: A Case Study


At Excel Consultant, we’re quite familiar with custom CRMs. Our programmers have coded dozens of them for clients. In addition, we practice what we preach—oone of our proudest CRM accomplishments was creating our very own system to help us reach, manage, and grow our client base.


Our very own Helen Feddema coded our internal CRM. An Ivy League graduate and one of the earliest adopters of Microsoft technology, she knows programs like Access, Excel, and Outlook down to their tiniest details (and since their initial versions). When we needed to upgrade our CRM, she got to work straightaway. Having written numerous books on Access, she used this program to develop a comprehensive database completely custom to our business. It would not be possible to purchase this particular CRM (or any one like it) off the shelf.


We also consolidated our CRM so it would be interoperable with Outlook, Excel, and Quickbooks. Our CRM not only connects us with customers—it allows for project management with microscopic detail. For instance, if we asked a client for a testimonial on LinkedIn, we would record the date asked, and his or her response. If we received a testimonial as a result of this interaction, it would be inserted directly into the database. This simple but elegant functionality allows us to avoid the embarrassment and wasted time of asking a client for a review more than once or after he or she has already posted one.


What We Can Do For You


When it comes to your CRM, with Excel Consultant, the sky is the limit. Over the decades of our team’s programming experience, we have built more extensive CRMs in Access and smaller versions in Excel. Each of these was completely customized according to the needs of the clients. We do not use replicas or models to churn out CRMs—our software specialists listen to our clients’ concerns, study their workflow, consider their customers, and create elegant systems that work. Since different clients want to track disparate attributes, enter data in a variety of ways, and carefully control which reports they pull out of the system, we create a wide range of CRMs. No two are alike—each is as distinctive as the client and customer base they serve.


Capture New Customers with CRMs

Having a fully functional, personalized CRM can help your business expand tremendously. If you don’t have a CRM or are using an off the shelf version, you may not even realize the growth potential you’re missing. To learn more about CRMs or find out how we can help you with yours, contact Excel Consultant today.


Local Excel and Access Consultant Office in Manhattan New York

Local Manhattan Office Supports New York Clients



Since 1994 the Microsoft Excel and Access experts have worked both locally and remotely with our clients that call New York home. Being the leading local Excel and Access consultancy in New York has allowed us to go onsite to meet with our local clients, such as the NYPD and Ralph Lauren.


Our New York office is right in the heart of Manhattan’s Financial District. You can reach our Lower Manhattan office by dialing 646-205-3261.


Our staff of Microsoft experts use their Microsoft mastery to help organizations work smarter, not harder. In total, our staff of professional consultants, programmers and trainers boast over a century of experience, completing more than a thousand successfully completed projects, and well above 10,000 hours of programming time.


We often aid major international corporations in optimizing their operations, so it simply makes sense for Excel Consultant to have offices in New York City, a global center of commerce, culture, finance, and business. We are proud to have worked with various clients in this area. Our New York City location makes it easy for our Excel experts to collaborate with executives in many industries. To learn more about our services or schedule a consultation for your New York area-based business, contact Excel Consultant today.


Excel and Access is on the map in Manhattan!!!


Here is a list of the Microsoft applications our New York team of experts can assist you with.

  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. Microsoft Access
  3. Microsoft Office
  4. Microsoft Office for the Mac
  5. Microsoft SQL Server
  6. Microsoft Azure
  7. Microsoft Power BI
  8. Microsoft VB.Net


Excel Consultant’s Role

Most of the megalopolis’ companies, agencies, institutions, and organizations likely rely on software to function. With the power of Microsoft programs and our extensive expertise, the Excel Consultant team is equipped to help all types of clients, from small businesses to governmental agencies to multinational corporations. We also understand (and even thrive on) the fast-paced nature of our New York clientele. Our team knows how to efficiently deliver effective solutions.


Our Valued New York Clients

Our roster of past and current partners includes many prominent businesses based in and around New York City, such as:


  • PepsiCo. This household name in the food and beverage industry is best known for its namesake cola, Pepsi, but the corporation also makes and distributes Mountain Dew, Lay’s chips, Cheetos, Gatorade, Aquafina water, Lipton teas, and more. As one of the giants in its field, PepsiCo produces over $66 billion in annual revenues. Its operations can’t be contained within the crowded boundaries of New York City-PepsiCo’s headquarters are in the suburb of Purchase, NY.
  • Merrill Lynch. This wealth management firm has helped businesses and individuals make the most of their resources for over a hundred years. Headquartered in New York City, Merrill Lynch generates approximately $14 billion in revenue and employs over 15,000 employees.
  • Morgan Stanley. This financial services firm has offices around the nation, but its primary hub is in New York City. Founded more than 80 years ago, Morgan Stanley provides sales, trading, brokerage, investing, wealth management, banking, and other services to its varied clientele. The Excel Consultant team assisted one of Morgan Stanley’s Vice President Financial Advisers, James Ritchie, in streamlining and automating his spreadsheet system. To learn more about this project, check out our case study.
  • Ralph Lauren. Designer and entrepreneur Ralph Lauren created his namesake fashion and lifestyle brand nearly 50 years ago in 1967. Today, the Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation generates annual revenue of over $7.4 million, employs over 23,000 workers, and helps shape modern American trends.
  • Verizon Wireless. As the top wireless telecommunications provider in America, this company relies on digital software to function. Verizon Wireless is headquartered in the New York City suburb of Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Founded just 15 years ago, Verizon Wireless now serves more than 135 million subscribers.
  • IBM. Technically called the “International Business Machines Corporation,” IBM is undoubtedly a leader in the technology industry. The company manufactures, distributes, and consults on a variety of hardware and software products. IBM’s headquarters are in the New York City suburb of Endicott, NY.
  • The New York Police Department. This municipal force is the largest in the nation and one of the oldest. Founded in 1845, the New York Police Department, or NYPD, employs tens of thousands of officers to maintain peace, order, and security in this urban center. In addition to usual law enforcement procedures, the NYPD specializes in emergency services, criminal intelligence, counter-terrorism, and more.


Our Team in New York

Some of our best team members make their homes in the New York area, ready to serve clients in this region. Our Senior Access Developer, Helen Feddema, is also based in this area. A Microsoft aficionado in Access, Outlook, Word and Excel since the early days with a passion for sharing her knowledge, Helen has authored numerous books and hundreds of articles on using these programs.  Joseph Carrier in Washington, D.C., Chief Technology Officer and Project Manager, routinely engages our New York clients both remotely and on site. He is available to devise your next software solution. His expertise in Excel consulting and programming of financial models and in depth analysis makes him an excellent fit for the commercial capital of New York City.


Excel Consultant Can Help Your New York-Based Business

Whether you need to fix a glitch, code a new program, perform complex analyses, or simply learn to use your software better, Excel Consultant can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule a free consultation, for your New York-based business.



Call our Manhattan New York number now and get started today 646-205-3261


Free Consultation



Why Hire Us?

Reasons Why You Should Hire the Microsoft  Excel, Access, SQL Server and Azure Experts at ExcelConsultant.Net

– Microsoft Application Data Visualization Experts –

We offer professional consulting services in all of the Microsoft applications, Excel, Access, SQL Server and Azure.


Dial 877-392-3539 to speak with Maria about your Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL project today.


Organizations such as Microsoft, USC, The US Department of Commerce and the YMCA have hired our international team of Microsoft Excel MVP’s and Data Visualization Experts to develop 100% custom Microsoft based solutions: Excel workbooks, Access and SQL Server Databases, & Microsoft Azure Cloud based solutions.


At Excel Consultant. Net we earn 5-Star Google Reviews.



Here are reasons why you should hire our Microsoft  Excel, Access, SQL Server, and Azure Consultancy:

  1. For the past 28-Years (Since 1994) our company has been a leading provider of programming, consulting and training services in all of the Microsoft applications across the USA, Can, UK, & ROW as a Microsoft Certified Partner and Application Developer    .
  2. We have a dedicated staff of seasoned Microsoft Data Visualization experts including many of the top Microsoft Excel MVP’s    .
  3. We have a 5-Star Google Business Review Rating, with almost 300 testimonials across all channels   .
  4. Same Day Service, 7-Days a Week. Evenings and select holidays included
  5. Microsoft has hired our firm more than once to assist them with their Excel and Power BI application needs    .
  6. Microsoft hired one of our Top Excel MVP’s (Smitty) to work on the Excel Team at Microsoft, on a permanent basis. Such expert Microsoft Excel talent.    .

*** Scroll Down for more info on who we are and how we can help you today, or dial 877-392-3539 to get started today.



See what Microsoft, PepsiCo, LinkedIn, Red Bull, Toshiba, Amazon, say about our work   


1.  We effectively analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your Microsoft Business Solutions  

We can then formulate custom Smarter Microsoft Solutions centered around optimizing your organization’s current workflow leveraging the power of the Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Word, …) and the four Microsoft Database applications (Access, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI).

Critical decision-making can make or break a company; and fully optimized, automated and integrated Microsoft applications can empower and enhance the operational aspects of your entire organization. Get the most out of your data, BIG or small.  That is exactly what our offices in Irvine and New York have done for both the Snack and the Beverage Divisions of PepsiCo, we first took the time to fully understand their Microsoft application needs, we provided a statement of work, and this resulted in several repeat projects, with 11 different staff members in total, in three different locations, and a glowing testimonial from Amy, below.


PepsiCo is a repeat Excel client of ours.   I was tasked with seeking out a company to assist us in recreating our department’s scorecard and after meeting with Christopher and Paul – I knew they were the right fit to help get the job done! Paul’s expertise in Excel and his understanding of our needs made the whole process so simple. I was confident each time I threw another task his way that he would be able to work his magic and deliver outstanding results! We have shared our revised scorecard with Sr. Leaders in our organization and have received very positive feedback. It has been such a pleasure working with both Paul and Christopher – and I look forward to working with them again in the future! – Amy Wojehowski, Sr. Analyst, Capability at PepsiCo


Amy at PepsiCo has hired us several times now. Over 10.


♦  Since this client testimonial we have not only worked with this division of PepsiCo repeatedly, but we are now working with two other divisions of PepsiCo, three in all, working with 11 people in total at PepsiCo, in New York, Texas and California. We love what we do, we love working with PepsiCo and we enjoy eating and drinking PepsiCo’s products. We give PepsiCo 5-Stars.



2.  We will exceed your expectations with our 5-Star Advantage Program  

It has always been our primary goal to exceed the expectations of those businesses, government agencies, non-profits, start-ups and colleges that hire us for our advanced Microsoft Excel, Access, Office, SQL Server and Azure programming and training solutions, what we like to call our Smarter Microsoft Solutions. We go to great lengths to do so, hiring only the best-in-class consultants, programmers, trainers, developers and top data visualization experts.

Quality costs, we all know that, and if you want to be among the premier companies in this space it starts with those that you hire. So we hire the best talent available, usually Microsoft certified Microsoft Excel & Access MVP’s, and you can work with them here.  Why do we hire Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel MVP’s, because they are the Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel subject matter experts. The best of the best some say, definitely top tier talent.  Three of our Excel and Access programmers, Microsoft Excel MVP’s and consultants worked for PSAV over 10 or so years, exceeding their expectations every step of the way. We refer to it as the 5-Star Advantage, Excel MVP Style.


PSAV is a longtime Excel and Access programming client of ours   Christopher has come to the rescue on small and large projects from time saving MS Excel workbooks to customized Access databases. He and his team have exceeded my expectations while not exceeding my budget. Why spend hours or days building Excel spreadsheets or workbooks that only do half of what you need them to do? Let Christopher listen to your needs and provide you with the best solution for your business. Chris McCain – PSAV, VP, Exhibits and Nat’l Ops Support.


Chris McCain is the man, always has been, knows his stuff.


   Client Testimonials Matter: One byproduct of exceeding clients expectations repeatedly is the large number of client testimonials and 5-Star Google Business Reviews received. In fact one of the best ways to evaluate a company before you hire them is to look at their testimonials and Google Reviews. How many do they have? What do they say about them? Do you see a recurring theme? How many Google Business Reviews Stars do they have?   What is the 5-Star Advantage?  Do you recognize the names of the organizations that write the testimonials? Do they have hundreds of testimonials or just a few, from individuals you never heard of, as it should matter for the successful completion of your project, the 5-Star Advantage; a Smarter Microsoft Solution.



2.b  Double-Guarantee: We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee and a Lifetime Bug-Free Guarantee.  

Since our founding in Irvine California in 1994, we have stood behind our work; we do so with our “Double-Guarantee” – if you find bugs in our work we will correct them free of charge. More importantly, we also guarantee that you will be satisfied with the work that we do. We refer to it as the 5-Star Advantage, or Smarter Microsoft Solutions. Quality is job one. (Trust me, you will not find bugs in our Excel MVP’s work; these guys are good!).

We exceeded LinkedIn.Com’s expectations with our staff’s high standards, hyper focus on satisfaction and exceeding expectations. But don’t take my word on it, read what Mary Ann at LinkedIn posted on the LinkedIn.com website, about our work, for the world to read.


LinkedIn is one of our longtime clients, did Excel work for them several times now.    Excel and Access, it’s proprietors, it’s quality and level of work are all phenomenal. We enjoyed our engagement with them on a special project. They were flexible, nimble and was able to meet our very high standards, requirements and tight deadlines. They were available and met the deadlines comfortably. We would hire them again if need arises. They care about their clients and made sure we were satisfied with the completed work. I would recommend their work to anyone, especially if you are looking for an elegant solution with limited resources. They will deliver a sophisticated solution, on time, to automate any need via excel or access. Mary Ann Kim, Sr. Manager, Global Sales Compensation at LinkedIn

Mary Ann Kim hired us to work with LinkedIn, and she wrote a very nice testimonial on LinkedIn.Com



2.c  We have a Client Repeat Rate of 88%

If you hire us once it is more than likely you will hire us again. I say that because 88% of our clients are repeat clients, and most of those repeat time after time, for years. Staples for example has done close to 900 small projects now. That is a repeat client of epic proportions. Not all of our repeat clients do over 100 projects, but 88% of our clients do at least two projects, with the norm being closer to 5-10, often with two to three concurrent projects with us, on average. That is what happens when you exceed the client’s expectations by hiring the best-in-class Microsoft application experts such as Excel and Access MVP’s, that properly analyze the client’s needs. But don’t take our word on it, see what Red Bull says about our work over the past several years.


Red Bull is one of our favorite clients, based on their brand and products, which we love    Christopher and his team performed superb work while supporting our business planning process. He and his team helped create a fully integrated planning tool and subsequent rollup projects which has helped us manage our business effectively. I would highly recommend his company for any work needed in Excel or Access. Repeat Long-Term Client – Quick, accurate, and reliable. Ryan Conway – Red Bull, Vice President of On Premise – North America

♦  As with PepsiCo, Red Bull has come back to have additional work done for a few years now.  Our expert Data Visualization Experts are the reason the clients come back again and again.  5-Star Smarter Microsoft Solutions.


Ryan Conway hired us to work with Red Bull and he wrote that glowing testimonial.



You don’t want this to happen to you, like it did to Red Bull, before they hired us for a Smarter Microsoft Solution. While two of our competitors bailed on this project with Red Bull, we rather designed an entirely new system, and we then went on to deliver a 5-Star solution that earned us repeat projects with Red Bull. When a firm like Red Bull calls, you need to make sure to deliver 5-Star solutions and services, those opportunities do not come everyday. I mean we love Red Bulls brand and their products, and we consume them regularly, just as we do PepsiCo and Chic-fil-a brands and products. The snack and beverage market is billions and these are the firms at the top of the space. Love whom we work with. The 5-Star Advantage; Smarter Microsoft Solutions. Hire the best, forget the rest. We are as solid as they come, and then some:


…. After having two other firms take on the project and then bail, I was panicked and desperate to get the project completed in what was now a very tight time frame….



Smarter Microsoft Solutions, the 5-Star Advantage, as solid as they come.


The home of the 5-Star Advantage and our Smarter Microsoft Solutions




3. Our international team of experts have helped over 7,000 organizations, large and small 

Business, Government, Education, Non-Profits, all come here for our 5-Star Advantage 


   From the smallest sole proprietors to firms listed in the S&P 100, Government, Education, Non-Profits work with us for a reason. Our team of Microsoft experts has provided professional consulting, programming and training services for thousands of clients over the past 25 years.

   We were hired by Microsoft to develop hundreds of Excel templates that are part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Two of our Microsoft Excel MVPs worked on this project. If you have Microsoft Excel 2013 or 2016 you have our work. It is exciting to know that our Microsoft Excel templates have helped helped millions of people around the globe. If you have not used them they are worth the look, you can see them by opening Excel, click on new, and then pick the Excel template, and/or you can use this link to see all of the Microsoft Excel templates on the Microsoft Website.

   Our Microsoft Help Forum, VBAExpress.Com has helped hundreds of thousands of people. There you can post questions on all of the Microsoft applications, VBA included. Then some of the best minds in the Microsoft applications provide answers, for free. There are tens of thousands of people on there each day, non-stop from all corners of the globe.

   Finally, When we say we wrote the book on Microsoft Excel, Access, and Microsoft Office, we did, literally. The books our team has written on Excel, Access, Word, Outlook and ADO have helped hundreds of thousands of people learn how to program in Microsoft Office. The point is this, many of our competitors learned these applications by reading our books.



4. We are Microsoft Certified, we have been every year since 1994 

We are comprised of Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals), a Microsoft Certified Partner (Since 1994) and of career Microsoft Excel and Access experts, with decades of experience when it comes to implementing and developing custom Microsoft application driven solutions. Our senior team is composed of award-winning specialists, certified by Microsoft, that have specific, first-hand industry knowledge. We know and understand the needs of your organization, be it a business, a government agency, an educational institution, or a non-profit or an individual. All get the same 5-Star service and solutions.


certification-banner Talon Computer Associates, Microsoft Certified Partner, Excel MVP prpgrammers.


If Microsoft taps our Excel and Power BI expertise to run their business, so should you   



4.b Microsoft is a repeat client of ours  

Our Microsoft Excel MVPs have worked with the Microsoft Corporation several times now. We developed 70% of the Microsoft Excel templates that come inside your copy of Microsoft Excel. We also worked with Microsoft on several Power BI applications to be used internally at Microsoft. If Microsoft taps our expertise to run their business, so should you.


Christopher and his team are amazing! They are incredibly responsive and do a fantastic job of managing even the most complex of projects.

Microsoft is a repeat Excel and Power BI client of ours. Microsoft Excel 2013 Template Project, Two of our top Microsoft Excel MVP’s worked on this Excel template programming project with Microsoft. One of our top Excel MVP’s worked with Microsoft on two Power BI projects for us, for internal use at Microsoft. It is really nice to be able to work with Microsoft.



   Hire a Firm Microsoft Certifies, Hire a Firm Microsoft Hires   

Talon Computer Associates has been a Microsoft Certified Partner every year since 1994. We are still today.

We have been a Microsoft Certified Partner every year since 1994.




5.a  Our group of companies have been in business for 25+ years now, founded in Irvine in 1994. 

We have more experience than 95% of our competitors as we have been assisting clients around the world since 1994, under a different name, different corp type. You will have to look long and hard to find a firm that can match that level of experience. And we are not going anywhere for at least the next 15 years.

Toshiba hired Excel and Access, LLC to build them a fully integrated and automated system for accounting and finance to share. My company (Toshiba in Irvine, CA) hired Excel and Access in 2009 to improve our financial planning model by setting up Access databases to process the huge amount of data we deal with on daily and monthly basis. Mr. Fennell not only understood our business needs well and reflected them in Access, but his work was done so accurately that 4 years later, we’re still using his work. He also did a great job training all our individuals to maintain the databases and make changes as our business needs evolved over the years, over 6 years later in 2016, we’re still utilizing the same model without a problem. I highly recommend Mr. Fennel and his company to anyone who is looking for an expert, knowledgeable consultant. I will not work with anyone other than Excel and Access, LLC. Majid Soroosh – Toshiba



Majid was the Senior Financial Analyst at Toshiba at that time, great guy.




It is very very hard to find a 5-Star firm in the Microsoft consulting space that has been in business since 1994, nor one that has anywhere near this much daily hands on Excel and Access programming experience. This is all we do, this is all we have ever done, 60+ hours a week, decade after decade.  We have been programming in Excel since version 1 in 1985, for the Mac, and ever since.  How can someone have more Excel programming experience than that?

When it comes to the Microsoft Office and Database applications, we are both the application subject matter experts as well as Professional Microsoft Data Visualization Experts, that is how we make our living.




5.b Not a freelancer website, not an after-hours individual, not a company of one, but rather a fully staffed, international corporation with a team of top Excel, Access SQL Server Consultants and Trainers   


   Think hard before you commit your funds, your business and your reputation to that freelancer.  Sure, the cost is ultra low, but with that said, will you get what you paid for, will you get expert results?  Will the freelancer even complete your project as envisioned?  If history is anything, then it is likely that you will not.


   Most of our competitors are either an after-hours freelancer a company of one (just them and whatever skills they have, no other resources avialable). They often have a traditional day job, where some use of Excel is part of their tasks, and then they do either Excel or Access work in the evenings and over the weekend as an independent freelancer. They are often called the office Excel guru where they work because they can do a few things in Excel that others cannot do, such as Pivot Tables or they are good with VLookups. But that is a far cry from an Excel expert.

Rather work with a team of Microsoft Certified Excel MVP’s, Excel experts, and Excel subject matter experts and advanced data visualization experts.

    We however do this fulltime; this is all we do, and we do it at the expert level, such as Microsoft Excel MVPs, Microsoft Access MVPs, etc., the cream of the crop. For example, one of my Excel MVPs is now working directly for Microsoft on the Excel Team. It does not get much better than that. As such we can do the most advanced things such as Power BI and Azure.
   We have had so many projects where there were up to 5 people working on a project. For example we had a large project in Orange County where we had four Microsoft Excel MVPs working on it full-time, that lasted over a year, with much of that onsite. Having the ability to add as many consultants and programmers to the job as needed, in order to make deadlines is something that we can do, that sets us apart.
   And here is the important part, we are a fully staffed international corporation and as such we are almost always available and reachable. We are one of the largest and most successful companies in the local and international space, as we have been since 1994. In comparison most of our competitors just came around in the past 1 to 5 years.




When it comes to business purposes, hiring an independent Excel freelancer is almost always the wrong choice, except for very simple and very small needs where being an expert is not needed and where getting the work done correctly is not really that important either, I mean what do you expect from an independent after-hours freelancer? Their actual skills are quite low when compared to full-time Excel and Access programmers.

Like ordering your dinner off of a 99 cents menu, is it really what you would call dinner from a “restaurant”, or just a low cost, high salt and high fat, frozen and then fried foods, what are you really getting for your money? Quality?

Not a quality meal, and not an Excel expert.  Quality or just a super low quality product at a lower price?



Sometimes you get exactly what you pay for, often that is very little; what did you expect for $5?


Independent after hours freelancers for $5




When you have an urgently critical and timely need that needs to be addressed now, who will answer the phone when you call the freelancer you hired?  The freelancer, or the owner of the freelancer website that you paid, Anyone?   Will you get the support you paid for, or are you left holding the ball, on your own, no way to move forward until you hear from the missing programmer, if you again hear from the programmer, as it happens sometimes they go mia and never return, and it happens more than a lot. Ask Red Bull, happened to them twice. Forget that, forget the rest, hire the best, Christopher and Maria at ExcelConsultant.net.


Google Business Reviews 5-Stars in New York and Irvine.


We answer the phone when our clients call, that is our job, we own and operate the company, Call Maria to discuss your project,  877-392-3539   





Step 1: Contact Us for a Free Consultation, Step 2: Hire Us, Step 3: Be Happy You Did.

We know that you want to know the cost (an estimate) of the work to be done so that you can get company approval. We get that. We would as well. As such, at our company we offer free consultations in order to evaluate your needs, in complete detail. We are then in a position to provide you with a written estimate for the work, both in terms of time and dollars, either fixed-bid or by the hour.

If you or your organization needs certified Microsoft experts who’s services get the job done on time and on budget, please give us a call at 877-392-3539 or send us an email or use the Chat window.


Amazon hires us for our Excel and Access programming services This is my recommendation for Christopher at Excel and Access, LLC and his team of Microsoft Excel and Access experts. He is a detail-oriented professional who has very quick solutions for complex Excel VBA, Access VBA and SQL projects. I contacted Christopher at 9:30PM on a Sunday evening with a critical need. He replied within minutes, and let me know he would have one of his Microsoft Excel MVPs reach out to help, and I found that the MVP really knew Excel. I asked for an Excel VBA solution and they quickly delivered the workbook within an hour. It was really a great experience to work with Christopher and hopefully I will have the opportunity to explore further. I recommend Christopher and the rest of the team at Excel and Access experts. – K. Kumar, Senior Executive, Amazon.Com


You guys are awesome! A very big thank you to Jacob for his VBA brilliance and Christopher for being so responsive and prompt in your replies. You guys are awesome! Words cannot express how grateful I am to you guys for your patience and assistance in my VBA project! Excellent job!


Wow! This is great. Thanks for the speedy results! I was desperate to find someone that could help me with my Excel scheduling issues and searched the web until I found you. I sent an email saying “Help!” and got an immediate response. You handled my needs with patience and professionalism and actually had my issue solved the same day. Now I can start my freelance job on Monday feeling confident and prepared. I will use you again and gladly recommend you to anyone in need of your expertise.


About Us: At ExcelConsultant.Net we specialize in building applications that are not only advanced but that are also so simple to use, true point-and-click graphical user interface.  User friendly is built-in our Graphical User Interface, it is a “Smarter Microsoft Solution” after-all.

We work in all of the Microsoft applications (Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, Power Point, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI). As a Microsoft Certified Partner for the past  25 years and counting, we have worked at the expert level. What else would you expect from a Microsoft Excel MVP such as Jacob Hildebrand?

If there is something you need to have done in any of the Microsoft applications, built by the top Microsoft Data Visualization experts in the field, one that offers a lifetime guarantee on the work, our international staff of Microsoft Excel, Access, Office and Power BI experts are here to build that custom Microsoft solution with you.


In addition to creating the documents and applications that businesses use to run their businesses, we are able to make our clients more efficient and accurate in all of the Microsoft applications, allowing them to do things they never did before. Our Microsoft Excel MVPs will cut the time and the cost that it takes your staff to perform the complex, time consuming, manual and repetitive tasks.


Our Microsoft Excel Consultant site is powered by the Excel and Access, LLC group of companies which have been in operation since 1994. We are a team of international Microsoft experts composed of professional Microsoft consultants, expert programmers and certified trainers. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide local support with operation hubs in most major cities around the US, Canada, and the UK.




John Winston has hired us for decades for our Access programming work. Christopher, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for pairing me up with your Excel developer Jacob. I had a fairly sized project that needed to be completed quickly and with accuracy. Not only did he deliver on those parts, he completely exceeded my expectations when it came to pulling my AS/400 data into Excel and formatting it properly for flash reporting. All requests were completed 100% and nothing was left undone. I can’t imagine having anyone else do my Excel development. Great job on providing the right talent to satisfy any customers needs.

I have worked with Helen Feddema and Christopher Fennell since 2003. Christopher’s exemplary service combined with prompt and accurate billing makes doing business with him a pleasurable experience. Additionally, Helen’s deep knowledge of Microsoft Access has saved me time and time again from crippling project delays. Her quick turn-around time and accurate work have made her a pleasure to work with as well.

Ms. Feddema is an expert MS Access database designer and programmer. She will keep you from making errors when designing your database so that future expansion is not restricted which is critical for a successful, robust product. Ms. Feddema is very quick at understanding and solving problems even when she is not completely familiar with the technical aspects, mathematics, etc. of the project. We are very happy that she is helping us design and program our new database.

John Winston Radiological Physics, Inc., (John has worked with three of our staff since 2003).


The 5-Star Advantage; Smarter Microsoft Solutions logo



We are the only 5-Star Rated, International Microsoft Certified services provider, employing top Excel MVP’s, with a 25+ year track record of providing superior services to business, government agencies, non-profits, educational institutions, and individuals That is thousands of clients, thousands of projects, and a whole lot of 5-Star Reviews  We love what we do and we love whom we work with.


Want to know who you will be working with – Meet our Senior Team.


If you are still not convinced that we are the corporation that you should hire, then here are even more reasons why you should hire us.


If you want to learn how to successfully Hire a Microsoft Excel, Access or Power BI Consultant, Read The Definitive Guide To Hiring a Microsoft Excel, Access or Power BI Consultant, this link will give you plenty of guidelines to consider.





Hire the Microsoft Excel and Access experts - contact us today


Call Maria now to get started today 877-392-3539, for a Free Consultation and Quote


About Us

Excel Consultant 25 Years Service


We are an internationally operated company with a 5-Star Google Rating, we are a  Microsoft Certified Partner and Application Developer with a 25 year track record of providing superior services to companies such as Microsoft, City of Long Beach, and UCI.

The expert Excel consultants are a 5-Star Google Review Rating

That is 25 years in operation, not of experience, our experience is far greater, 33 years experience as Excel developers (Since Excel for the Mac was first released in 1985), and we have 45 years experience as database developers (Going back before Access or SQL Server were applications), and finally, we have been working with Microsoft Power BI (Power Pivot) since Microsoft first released it. They even hired us for an internal Power BI project where we used Power Pivot to obtain data from every Microsoft employee (Everyone of them, globally!). You cannot find programmers with more experience than that!


We are Microsoft Office 365 expert programmers


  • Smarter Microsoft Solutions
  • Unrivaled Industry Insight
  • Unrivaled Industry Experience
  • A Highly Effective Personalized Approach
  • It’s Why We’re #1 in the USA/UK/Canada


Our US based offices are on both the East Coast (Manhattan New York Office) and the West Coast (Irvine California Office) to assist you, with several US developer offices in between. Our UK office is in London.


About Us - Meet The Team




We have a large team of Microsoft Excel MVP’s to work with our data visualization clients.




Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider


Since 1994 we have been recognized as the leading Microsoft Consulting, Programming, Training & Power BI Corporation in the United States, Canada and the UK. Our company headquarters are located in Irvine, right in the center of Orange County California. The Excel Consultant team is also an international heavyweight powered by The Excel and Access, LLC  group of companies which is composed of a Microsoft Certified Partner, Microsoft MVP’s (Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals), and certified instructors, making the Microsoft Excel and Access experts on The E&A Team the go to team for 23 years and counting.




Our amazing international team (USA, UK, Canada) of proven Microsoft programmers, consultants, trainers and Power BI expert are smart-working, priding ourselves on powerfully innovative solutions that allow us to get the most out of the Microsoft applications.  As a Microsoft Certified Partner we are driven towards providing the most effective solutions and professional services possible, that are always at the expert level.


We are not a web based job board, nor are we individuals freelancing after hours. We are a fully staffed US based corporation with operations in the UK and Canada.


We are not a web based job board, nor are we individuals freelancing after hours, we do not outsource any of our work to India or other countries. We are a US based Microsoft application consultancy with operations in the UK and Canada. Our team of Microsoft programmers, trainers, and Power BI experts strictly work in the USA, UK, and Canada.

This is important, do you want to hire someone who does this work for a living, someone who has for the past 15-30+ years, or do you want to hire someone at the intermediate level that does this work after hours? Should you ever have a critical need, would it be nice to have a company backing the work performed, or possibly an individual that stops responding to your calls and emails?

Look, you are obviously doing your search to hire a Microsoft Excel consultant, why not hire the best talent for your money? Why put your project at risk, needlessly?


Since 1994 our company headquarters have been in the heart of Orange County, Irvine CA Stop by our office in Irvine and we can discuss your needs and our corporation’s 25 year history – 877-392-3539



Since 1994 our group of companies have dominated the industry. We are often copied but never replicated.  We have over 100+ years of combined experience and our team of Microsoft Experts has completed over 5,000+ projects totaling more than 10,000+ hours in programming.



We are proud to be an active member of the Irvine Chamber of Commerce, where we cater to local business, governmental agencies and educational institutions where we make their organization’s use of Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook), SQL Server, Azure, and Power BI more proficient. (Outside of the Irvine area, no worries, with our numerous developer offices we have you covered globally)


We are Experts-Exchange certified


In addition to our two types of Microsoft Certifications (Microsoft Certified Partner and Silver Application Developer, Microsoft Excel, Access MVPs) we have consultants with Experts-Exchange.Com Certifications in many of the Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel, Access, Word and Outlook. Experts-Exchange.Com Certifications are one of the highest, most trusted and most valued certifications in the business.

You cannot get those without being in the top 5% of the experts. You cannot buy them, you must earn them, and that takes decades. Helen Feddema, our Lead Access Developer for example ranks #2 in Microsoft Access on the site. Given the number of books she has written on the subject, and the decades she has spent building commercial grade Access applications it comes as no surprise. Hire the best, get the most for your money. Coveted certifications are one way to show how we beat the competition in skills and abilities.



Our Manhattan New York Office



Call us now and get started today 877-392-3539


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The only Internationally Operated 5-Star Google Rated The expert Excel consultants are a 5-Star Google Review Rating Microsoft Certified applications provider with a 25 year track record of providing superior services to companies such as Microsoft, City of Long Beach, and UCI.